🔔 New: Configure the request delay and time of notification


This feature is only available to customers registered after September 2022.
This feature will soon be available to all customers.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team or your CSM.

You can configure and activate the collection, independently, according to the types of reviews you wish to collect as well as define the delay for sending the email containing your review collection form.

The new page also allows you to activate a second follow-up request in cas your customer didn't reply to the initial email.


⭐Types of reviews

You can choose to collect only the brand review, the product review. Or you may decide to collect both, depending on your business field of objectives.


⭐ Sending delay

You can also set different deadlines for each collection type, which allows you to obtain more relevant email notifications by adapting the deadline to the requested review type.


⭐ Follow-up request: 

A follow-up request allows you to send a second email to your customers who did not respond to the first, to remind them to write a review.


Requirements : 

  • Access to the new interface



Procedure :

1. Click on the menu Collection of reviews, in the left-hand menu of the interface, and then on Configuration:




2. Depending on your collection type, you can activate the brand review, the product review or both.


The brand review will be active by default.






3. Define the sending time.



By default, your product review requests will be sent at the same time as your brand review requests. You can change this timeframe at any time using the "Postpone sending the product review request" option




Important !

You also have the possibility to define the sending time from your automation method.


4. Finally, you have the possibility to activate and configure a reminder (a follow-up request). Give your customers the opportunity to share their feedback again in case they didn't see the first request!


By default, if you activate the reminder, we send a new review request for 3 days after the first one, but you have the possibility to change this time frame.




ℹ️ Articles for further reading 

Please read our best practice article on follow-up requests (reminders): Activate de follow-up request

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