🔔 New: Manage Marketing push - Frequency of notification requests


This feature is only available for customers registered after September 2022.
This feature will soon be available to all customers.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team or your Account manager.

From now on, you can adjust the marketing push from the configuration page, In other words, you can define the frequency with which a new request should be sent to a customer.


These tips can help:

  • Avoid over-solicitation, especially for regular customers
  • Adjust the timing of review requests according to the season or time of year, e.g. during sales or the Christmas period


  • Have access to the new interface




1. Click on the Review Collection menu on the left-hand side of the interface and then on Configuration.


2. Then click on Advanced settings


3. Define the period of time between each review request. (Max 1 year)

4. Choose the status of the review request to be taken into account before the next submission: email open, form open, review submitted or all



Example of use

Some customers buy your services/products several times a month and you don't want to solicit them with every transaction. Marketing Push Management allows you to adjust the time between each request for a review. You can set a time limit so that customers who have already left a review will not receive another email until 30 days later, for example.




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