🔔 Automation method: Review collection by ShopyMail

If you use the Shopify CMS, you can automate the transmission of proofs of purchase and services using the ShopyMail feature.

To automate the transmission of your proofs of purchase, the collection and publication of your reviews, you must follow the steps described below :

How it works

  • Automatic retrieval of orders and sending of review requests : In order to collect reviews for every order placed on your site, you need to insert a script into a Shopify Email Template.

Our platform automatically retrieves the orders for which we need to send review requests, depending on the configuration defined in the settings described later in this document.

  • Display of product reviews on your site : Thanks to the Verified Reviews product widget, you can display your product reviews collected on our platform directly on your product sheets and reassure your customers about the quality of your products.
  • Display of brand Review widget on your site : You have the possibility to display a widget on your website. This widget allows you to show your visitors your average overall rating from Verified Reviews and thus reassures potential customers about the quality of your services.


Installation and configuration of Shopymail

Installation via Verified Reviews Back Office  

  • Log in to your Verified Reviews account
  • Click on Collect reviews ---> Set up my module
  • Follow the steps to set up the ShopyMail functionality


Configure Shopymail via your own Shopify backoffice

  1. Sign in to your Shopify account
  2. From the menu, go to Settings --> Notifications 


3. Scroll to << Staff order notifications>> and click on << Add recipient>>


4. Select <<Email address>> from the drop-down menu, then enter the following email address: copymail@avis-verifies.com📌


5. Next, you need to add a script to the notification email you just set up. Go to << Online store > Themes > Templates>> and click on <<New order>>

6. Insert the script available in the Avis Veriés Back Office into your template in Shopify



Configure the sending delay of the review requests 

Once you have finished setting up the automation of your order transmission, you can set up the timeframe for sending your requests from the Verified Reviews platform.

  • From the platform, click on Account Management - My Account
  • In the section <<Integration codes>> You can set the time limit as well as activate the dunning, if you wish.



Display product reviews on your website

If you collect product reviews and want to display them on your site, you can use our Product iframe (widget).

You can read this article that will allow you to integrate product reviews Display my product reviews using a widget: (JS Tag)


Display brand reviews on your website

Here is the article that explains how to integrate the Verified Reviews widget for your brand review

🔔 NEW: How to set up my BRAND reviews widget



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