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You can automate the transmission of proofs of purchase and services using Prestashop CMS.

Once the module has been installed and configured, everything is automatic: Verified Reviews communicates directly with your e-commerce solution.

  • Automatic retrieval of orders and review requests: The module communicates your latest orders directly to us. Our platform then retrieves the orders for which we need to send review requests, according to the configuration entered during the setup described in the rest of this document.
  • Display product reviews on your site: The module enables you to display product reviews collected on our platform directly on your product sheets, reassuring your customers about the quality of your products.

Module Installation

  • Connect to your Prestashop backoffice
  • Click on Module Catalog and search for "netreviews", the "VerifiedReviews" module will be returned or click here.
  • Click on Install


  • A success message will appear after installation :



Access configuration

Initial configuration:

To configure the module in the Prestashop environment, please go to the "Modules > Module Manager" menu, in the "Modules" tab locate the Verified Reviews module and click on "Configure".





Before any configuration, in the case of a multi-store Prestashop installation, make sure that the module is activated in the module manager and, once on the module configuration page, select the store concerned via the Prestashop selector at the top of the page.




To enable our platform to communicate with your store, you need to fill in the two fields "Connectorsecret Key" and "Website ID", which you can retrieve from your Verified Reviews customer area. From the "Account management > My Prestashop connector" menu, copy your integration codes (see image below):


Then transfer them to your Prestashop store in the "SETTINGS" section:




Click on "Save" to activate your module on the Prestashop side. You will then need to complete the module activation in your Verified Reviews account.


Multilingual configuration:


If your Prestashop is in multi-shop mode, you can only connect a Verified Reviews account to a single store (a single shop_id). If you wish to integrate the Verified Reviews module on several stores, you must have as many stores as Verified Reviews accounts (different website ids and secret keys)

If your site is available in different languages, you can choose to activate the module's multilingual configuration. To do so, you need to have Verified Reviews accounts on different platforms and fill in the Secret Key and Website ID specific to each account.

For example: your site is available in French, Spanish, Italian and English. To benefit from multilingual configuration, you must have an account on each of our platforms:

The default multilingual configuration behaves as follows:

  • Each platform collects orders in the language that corresponds to it, which makes it possible to send review request emails in the language of your customer (e.g. on the ES site, the order will be collected on the http://opiniones-verificadas.com platform) and to collect reviews in the languages of the pages.
  • FR product pages will then display the reviews collected on http://avis-verifies.com , ES pages will display those from http://opiniones-verificadas.com etc.
  • By customizing the code, the module can also display all reviews in all languages.

If your site is not available in several languages, do not activate the multilingual configuration.

Module configuration on Verified Reviews

Now that your module has been installed and your codes integrated into your Prestashop environment, you can ensure that the module communicates with our platform.

Go to your Verified Reviews customer area in the menu
"Account management > My Prestashop connector".


Integration codes:

As seen in the "Access configuration" section, go to the "Account management > My Prestashop connector" page, copy the codes and paste them into the corresponding fields in your connector.


Configure Reviews collection:

To configure the collection via the module, go to the configuration page in the notification collection section (see screen below).



➡️ From this interface you can configure all aspects of your collection:


  • Activate Brand Reviews collection

This option allows you to automate your order collection. If this option is checked, our system will collect orders placed on your site in order to send requests for reviews. Click on this option to deactivate/activate it.


  • Waiting time before request for Brand Reviews is sent

This option allows you to manage the waiting time before your reviews requests are sent. This delay applies as soon as our services receive an order.



  • Choose status to collect your orders

This option allows you to choose the status(es) on which our services will base the recovery of your orders



  • Activate Product Reviews collection

This option allows Product Reviews collection:


  • Postpone Product Reviews request

This option separates the brand review request and the product review request into two emails.


  • Deadline after request for Brand Reviews has been sent

This option lets you select the number of days between sending the brand and product notification request.


  • Request for Reviews

This option allows you to send a notification to your customers so that they can leave a review. You can also parameterize the time between the sending of this email.



  • Email extensions to exclude

In this field you can enter the domain names for which no notification request will be returned.



Configure Product Reviews display

Step 1: Configure the product review widget on your Verified Reviews account

  • Go to the Reviews section and click on Integrate my widgets:




  • Click on "Add a widget" and choose Product Reviews:


  • Name the widget to suit your needs.
  • Choose the display form and color, then configure the advanced settings: Rich Snippets.
  • Click on Save.



Step 2: Integrating the widget into your site

  • Click on the widget you have just saved and click on the "Integrate widget" button:




Integrate the script that appears before the </body> tag in your site's HTML code, on all pages where you want to display widgets.


Integration Product Rate:

If you wish to display the product rate, you need to add the HTML code that will be displayed exactly where you wish to position the note.



Reviews list integration:


Replace each data element in the code with the appropriate values from your website and product attributes.

First order export

To obtain your first reviews quickly, the Avis-Vérifiés module integrates an order import/export function enabling you to send your old orders. This first order import enables you to quickly generate your first reviews by polling customers on orders you've already placed.


Import orders:

This feature is very useful when launching your collection, and will enable you to obtain a large number of reviews quickly.

You'll find this option in the onboarding steps after creating your account.

You can also find this option at any time in the "Collect Reviews > Configuration" menu at the bottom of the page.



🔎 Options in details:

  • Retrieve last orders: Click on the button to activate/deactivate the launch of order history retrieval (this action will be performed only once).
  • Order retrieval time: Indicate time in days, this option lets us know which date range we should take into account to carry out the import. Example: 30 days, we will retrieve all orders placed during this period.
  • Chosen status for order retrieval: you can select one or more statuses on which you want us to base the retrieval of your orders

Once the options have been entered, click on "Save".


Export my orders:

If you wish to avoid loading all your orders from the order import tool. It is also possible to generate a CSV file with your past orders and load them directly into your Verified Reviews Customer Area.

To do so :

  • Access your store's back office, then click on "Modules > Module Manager"
  • In the search bar, type "Avis Vérifiés" or "Verified Reviews"
  • The module should appear in the list, click on "Configure"

Once on the module configuration page, scroll down to the "EXPORT MY ORDERS" section.



🔎 Options in details:

  • Since: you can retrieve orders up to 12 months old (as defined in our General Terms of Use).
  • Retrieve product reviews: select "yes" if you wish to retrieve product reviews for these orders (essential if you wish to survey your products).
  • Export orders with status: you can select one or more recovery statuses.

Once you have retrieved the generated csv by clicking on the button at bottom right, you can go directly to the order download area via the following url: https://app.netreviews.eu/fr/collect/request-send





You must upload the csv and check the proposed information before validating the order import.


Advanced actions:

If you click on "DEBUG" in the connector configuration, the advanced options will appear.
This section is usually reserved for Verified Reviews but you can use it as needed to fine-tune the technical parameters of our module.


  • Display Tab (x reviews)

You can hide the tab « x reviews ».



  • Rename Product Reviews tab


This option allows you to modify the Product Reviews name tab. Example:


  • Display stars on the Home Page

You can deactivate category stars on the home page if you don't want them to be displayed.


  • Use the unique EAN UPC reference number for product variations

By default, if you have declinations on your products, we retrieve the declination's GTIN_EAN and GTIN_UPC.

If you activate this option, we retrieve the information for the parent product.


  • Define the maximum number of products in a request for advice

To avoid having to ask your customers for their opinion on every product ordered, you can define a maximum number of products to be questioned in the Verified Reviews form. In this case, you do not have the option of choosing which products to survey.


  • Purge all orders from this store

This action empties the av_orders table (the specific Verified Reviews table) in the database. This table is our reference table for defining orders to be retrieved.


  • Generate lost orders since module installation

If you see that orders corresponding to the configuration defined in your Verified Verified account have not been retrieved (even though they were created after the module was installed), you can use this option.

  • Generate for entire period: we'll retrieve the missing orders from our av_orders table, orders created since the module's installation date.
  • Choose period: you can specify a period for retrieving these orders. We will retrieve orders created between the specified dates.

This option does not generate an automatic retrieval by our cron. It simply populates the av_orders table in the database.

Our automatic retrieval cron then uses the contents of the av_orders table and cross-references the data with the orders table to select the orders to be retrieved.


  • Dashboard and added hooks

The "add all hooks" option allows you to regraft hooks if they have been incorrectly registered, for example. This feature is available from version 1.6 onwards.


Automatic order retrieval

General Process:

We collect your orders according to the configuration you define in your Verified Reviews account "Reviews collection > Configuration".

You can track orders retrieved from your account in "Reviews collection > Reviews requests tracking".

When we also retrieve product details, the product reference is the Prestashop ID. If a review is placed on the product, this review will be associated with the Prestashop ID in your Verified Reviews account. This review will then be synchronized with your site and displayed on the product page corresponding to this Prestashop ID.

Recovery hooks:

Our order retrieval system is based on the default Prestashop system: each time an order is validated, we register it by executing the Validate Order hookaction in our av_orders table. However, to anticipate the action of specific modules that modify the Prestashop system, we double-check and also use the hookactionOrderStatusPostUpdate to record orders in our table.

Google Shopping:

To be able to share your product reviews with Google Shopping, we need the GTIN_EAN (Europe) or GTIN_UPC (US, Canada), which is the most accurate data for Google, or, if applicable, the brand + MPN duo. You should also enter brand and MPN even if you have GTINs: the more information we can provide about your products to Google, the easier it will be for Google to associate reviews with products.

When we retrieve orders, we automatically retrieve Google Shopping information once it has been correctly entered in the Prestashop Back-Office.


Technical recommendations

This documentation presents the options available in the latest version of the module. It is always recommended to update your module to benefit from new features / bug fixes and to regularly check the connection with your module on our platform.

Updating your module:

If your module has been customized (overloads, modified module files, etc.), be sure to make a copy of the files before updating, and test the update on a pre-production site before updating on your main site.

Changes to the structure of your site:

We communicate with your site via an API URL. This API URL corresponds to the path to the netreviewsApi.php file at the root of the module.

If you move the module to a different file level, or add a sub-directory, always check the connection and contact support to modify the API URL if necessary.

  • For example: your site's domain name is https://monsupersitedetest.com and you install the module at the root of the site, the API URL will be: https://monsupersitedetest.com/modules/netreviews/netreviewsApi.php.
  • If you then move your shop to a sub-directory https://monsupersitedetest.com/shop/, we'll need to modify the API URL as follows: https://monsupersitedetest.com/shop/modules/netreviews/netreviewsApi.php.





My reviews are not displaying

Product reference checks:
As detailed earlier, the Prestashop module uses the prestashop product ID as the product reference. You can check in your Avis Vérifiés account that your reviews are properly linked to Prestashop IDs.

In other cases, here are the steps to follow if reviews are not displaying:

1. Check the connection between our platform and your site by going to your Avis Vérifiés account then to "Account Management > My Prestashop Connector", you can click on the "Test Connection" button. If you get a failure message, please contact support.

2. Check in your Avis Vérifiés account "Account Management > widget display tab" that the option "Display reviews on products" is enabled.

3. Click the "Add all hooks" button to re-register the hooks (module configuration page in Prestashop Back-Office > DEBUG section).

4. Clear all your caches: Smarty cache and cache plugin (e.g., Page Cache Ultimate). When clearing smarty caches, make sure the "Never recompile template" option is not selected.

If after all this, the reviews still do not display: it is most likely that your theme does not integrate the hooks we rely on. You can then manually insert our custom hooks into your templateproduct.tpl:

{hook h='ExtraNetreviews'} to display the stars
{hook h='TabcontentNetreviews' product=$product} to display the review block

Regarding stars on category pages, our module hooks onto:

displayProductListReviews if Prestashop version is < 1.7
displayProductPriceBlock (type="before_price") if Prestashop version is > 1.7

After activating this option, if the stars (in the product list) still do not appear: it means that these hooks are not present in your theme. In this case, you can directly add our custom hook {hook h='CategorystarsNetreviews' product=$product} into the product-list.tpl file (Prestashop < 1.7) or into the product thumbnail file (on the default Prestashop 1.7 theme, file path themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl)

My product reviews display is broken

This is usually a cache problem.

In the module configuration page in the Prestashop Back-Office > DEBUG section, click the "Add all hooks" button to re-register the hooks then clear all your caches: Smarty cache and cache plugin (e.g., Page Cache Ultimate). When clearing smarty caches, make sure the "Never recompile template" option is not selected.

I want to move my reviews

Our stars on product and category pages as well as the review block appear normally automatically.

If their position does not suit you and you want to move them, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Unhook the relevant hook(s)

To do this, from the module configuration page, click on Anchor Points

Check the option "Display invisible anchor points" to see all the hooks associated with the module

To deactivate the automatic display of stars on product pages, unhook "displayProductButtons", "displayLeftColumnProduct", "displayRightColumnProduct"

To deactivate the automatic display of the product review block in a tab on product pages, unhook "displayProductExtraContent"

To deactivate the automatic display of product reviews in product thumbnails on category pages, unhook "displayProductPriceBlock", "displayProductListReviews".

2. Insert our custom hooks manually

Product pages: in your templateproduct.tpl, add:

{hook h='ExtraNetreviews'} to display the stars

{hook h='TabcontentNetreviews' product=$product} to display the review block

Category pages: in the product-list.tpl file (Prestashop < 1.7) or in the product thumbnail file (on the default Prestashop 1.7 theme, file path themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl), add:

{hook h='CategorystarsNetreviews' product=$product}

My orders are not being retrieved

Check the connection between our platform and your site (Avis Vérifiés account > Integration > Configure my Prestashop module, you can click on the "Test Connection" button or click on "Send configuration"). If you get a failure message, please contact support.

Check if automation is enabled in your Avis Vérifiés account Account Management > My Prestashop ConnectorCheck that your orders to retrieve have the same status(es) as the one(s) you have selected on your Avis Vérifiés account in the module configuration page

If you get a connection, automation is enabled and the statuses are correct, please contact support.



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