🔔 New: Review request tracking table


Warning! This new feature is only available to customers registered after September 2022 and who meet the conditions mentioned in this article.

We're working to be able to offer it to all other customers soon.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact our support team or your CSM.

Once you've sent your first notification requests, you have the option of tracking each step from the Back Office.

This allows you to find out the status of the dispatch: email scheduled, sent, form opened, review submitted, reminder or find out if there was an error in the review request process.






How do I access the tracking page?

From your Back Office, click on Review collection ---> Tracking review requests




Your tracking table


On the left, you can find the different types of filters :

  • Experiment date
  • Request status
  • Type d’avis

The elements of your dashboard


  • Experience reference: reference your proofs of purchase/service you've communicated
  • Customer email
  • Experience date: The date communicated in your proofs of purchase
  • Current status: The path of your request as well as the date of the stage it is in.
    • Scheduled email: Date on which dispatch is scheduled, this depends on the configuration of your dispatch times. To find out more, you can read this article: 🔔 New: Configure the request delay and time of notification
    • Email envoyé : All emails that have already gone
    • Formulaire ouvert : This means that the consumer has opened and viewedthe email, and clicked to access the collection form
    • Review submited : The consumer has completed the form to file his opinion
    • Relay: There's the option of relaunching customers who haven't opened the email and those who have but haven't replied to the form. Feel free to activate the reminder from the collection configuration page.
    • Error : These are the requests that couldn't go away, either because the consumer asked not to receive any more emails from us, or because the address is invalid.

To find out what stage the notification request is at, you can click on the status to get more information.


To get more details about the order/proof of purchase or service, you need to click on the reference.

You will find:

  • Date of experience
  • Method of transmitting proof of purchase. For example, Prestahop.
  • Customer details
  • History of review request
  • If you collect product reviews, you can also find the products associated with the review request








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