🔔 New : Product Widget (Display your product reviews)

Displaying your product reviews helps you improve the visibility of your products, reassure customers and help them make the purchase more easily. These reviews create content that it is referenced by search engines and helps to increase traffic to your website.

The new Product Review Widget allows you to:

  • Display your reviews and rates in your product pages in a very simple way and adapt to the look&feel of your site
  • Sort your reviews by rating or from most to least recent
  • Search for reviews using keywords
  • Display collected photos
  • Highlight syndicated reviews: The review source and the link to the product page
  • Highlight rewarded reviews and gifted reviews
  • A widget integration without impacting the performance of your site (SEO, Accessibility)
  • Adapt to different resolutions; the widget is 100% responsive


Prerequisites to use the new widget:

  • Have access to the new Verified Reviews back office interface
  • Having access to the source code of your website 

While integrating the Product Widget, you have the possibility to:

  • Change the colour of the stars and the rating
  • Change the display shape: Vertical or horizontal
  • Activate Rich Snippets 

You will find below the new procedure to configure the widget and integrate it to your website.


Widget Set up

  • Go to the tab Display reviews - Integrate my widgets.
  • Add a widget - Choose Product reviews


  • Name the widget according to your needs
  • Choose the shape and color display
  • Configure advanced settings: Rich Snippets
  • Save the widget. You have the possibility to visualize the widget


  • Click on the widget you just saved
  • Click on the button: Embed the widget



How to integrate the widget on your website?

To integrate your widget you need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Installation
  2. Product rating integration
  3. List of reviews integration

1. Installation

Integrate the script that is displayed before the </body> tag of your site's HTML code, on all pages where you want to display the widgets.


2. Product rating 

If you want to display the product rating, you need to add the HTML code that displays at the exact location where you want to position this rating (stars).


3. List of reviews

You need to add HTML code below the exact location where you want to position the review list.


💡Important !

Replace each data element of the code with the appropriate values of your website and product attributes.

Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter notre équipe Customer Care.



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