Configure and integrate the product widget: display your product reviews

The product widget allows you to easily integrate your reviews directly onto your product pages, or any other platform.

It allows you to display: consumer reviews and photos, star ratings, as well as promote an average rating.

Our widgets comply with the latest regulations of the Digital Services Act, making them a very reliable choice!


  • Access to the new interface of the Verified Reviews Back Office 
  • Access to the source code of your website
  • Delete your old widget


Step 1: Widget Configuration

Step 2: Widget Integration on the Website

To integrate your widget, follow these 3 steps: 

1. Setting Up

Integrate the script that appears before the </body> tag of your website's HTML code, on all pages where you want to display the widgets.




If your site is an SPA (Single Page Application), you will need to add the following variable to the script: data-prevent-default-loading="true"


2. Product Rating Integration

If you want to display the product rating, you need to add the HTML code that appears at the exact place where you want to position this rating.




3. Review List Integration



If your site is an SPA (Single Page Application), after integrating the three scripts, it will be necessary to invoke the function: SkeepersProductWidget.generate(); in your JavaScript code so that our widget can regenerate the data before the page is displayed.

If automatic Integration (Magento, Shopify, Prestashop

Some connectors allow automatic integration of the Product Widget.

It is therefore possible that a product widget associated with the connector you are using was created by default when your account was created!

If automatic integration is not available on your account, it means that your theme is not compatible and automatic integration is not available at all. Therefore, you must integrate the widget manually by following the steps above.

  • Go to Review Display > Embed my widgets
  • Click on the product widget, a banner will appear in the right column to enable/disable automatic integration of the widget on your site.

This widget will be displayed on your product pages, and the star block will appear on the category pages.

Replace each data element of the code with the appropriate values of your website and product attributes.

Multiple Products Widget 

You can use our multiple products Widget to handle variants and categories.

 Displaying a lot of reviews is a good option to increase traffic on your website. Having more reviews on a product also increases conversation rate and brand credibility.

  • Variants Example: you are selling the same tee-shirt in different colors. Each color has a unique product reference.
  • Categories Example: you are selling different tee-shirts. Each tee-shirt has a unique product reference but are part of the Tee-Shirt category.


  • Go in "Display Reviews" Section
  • Click on "Integrate my widgets"
  • Select a Product Reviews Widget
  • Click on "Integrate": a modal will open with instructions on how to integrate a Product Widget on your website
  • Go to step 3 to find the Javascript you need to add to your website page:



Displaying ratings and reviews for multiple product references is not compatible with Automatic Integration


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care team.



How to delete a widget?

The procedure to delete one of your widgets is simple. You can follow the detailed instructions in the article  How to delete the Verified Reviews widget from my website? 

Can I change the color of my widget?
By default, our widgets adopt our standard colors. However, you have the option to easily customize the colors of your products and brand carousel widgets according to your preferences   How to customize the color and shape of my widgets?
Can I change the shape of my widget?
Absolutely! Depending on the selected widget, you have multiple shape options. Whether it's rectangular or circular for the product widget, or vertical or horizontal for the brand widget, you have the freedom to choose How to customize the color and shape of my widgets? 
I've embedded my widget but it's not displaying correctly.
You've embedded our product widget to display your product reviews, but they're not visible on your product pages? It's possible that this is related to improper script integration in your code. We recommend checking that the script is correctly integrated in the appropriate place on your page.


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