Brand review request (Performance dashboard)

You have decided to collect reviews about your brand.
Perhaps you are now interested in the performance of your review solicitations, from the moment they are sent until a new review is submitted.

We compile this information to provide you with a unique dashboard and offer you more insight.


  • You have an active account and you have access in to the new back-office: Ratings & Reviews - Back Office

  • You collect brand reviews, or brand reviews with delayed product reviews.

How to access on the “Brand reviews request” dashboard ?

This dashboard is accessible in your back-office through the menu Statistics




What information is taken into account ?

  • Solicitation Date => LAST 30 DAYS

    By default, we use the last 30 days - according to the solicitation date (when the email was first sent).

    This period can be changed with the date picker at the top of the dashboard.

    🚀 To go further...

    Ratings &Reviews offers the possibility to have a more detailed analysis of the collection of brand reviews. Advanced dashboards provide deep insight into review collection, processing and publication.


How do I access to Brand Review Performance Advanced Dashboard?

  • Submit an opening request to your CSM or our Customer Care team
  • Advanced dashboards are billable

Available KPIs in Advanced Dashboard

  • Review requests performance funnel
  • Emails sent
  • Emails opened
  • Emails clicked - Absolute calculation
  • Emails clicked - Relative calcultation
  • Completed forms / Return rate - Absolute calculation
  • Completed forms / Return rate - Relative calculation
  • Reviews collected
  • Review requests type
  • Review requests volume evolution
  • Email openings evolution
  • Email open rate evolution
  • Form openings evolution
  • Form open rate evolution
  • Reviews collected evolution
  • Response rate evolution

Your collection performance statistics are calculated in two different ways:​

  • Absolute indicators: opening, click and response rates based on the total solicitation volume.
  • Relative indicators: click through rate based on the volume of emails opened, and response rate based on the volume of emails opened.

💡Good to know !

  • Each KPI present on the dashboards can be downloaded in PNG or CSV format
  • The date widget displays the period of the analyzed data over the selected date range
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