Discover the Verified Reviews Certificate

The Verified Reviews Certificate is a web page indexed by Google and/or other search engines.

Specific to each company using Verified Reviews by Skeepers, it represents :

  • A collection of all brand reviews concerned

  • An official page synonymous with credibility for your brand through the use of the "Verified Reviews" label

  • Key visual indicators for consumer reassurance

  • A transparent centralization of reviews 

  • An effectively referenced attestation page, to gain visibility and increase your website traffic rate



Understanding the Elements of Your Certificate

The rating

The certificate displays a rating out of 5. The average rating is calculated based on brand reviews received in the last 12 rolling months.

This corresponds to the mention "Calculated from X reviews over the last 12 months."

The number of reviews

Below the mention "Calculated from X reviews over the last 12 months," you will find the mention "X reviews since date."

This corresponds to the total number of brand reviews published since the start of your collection.

Reviews/Comments In the list of reviews, you will find the details of comments for reviews collected in the last 5 years. 


Distribution of reviews by rating


The distribution is based on reviews collected in the last 5 years. 


Although reviews over 12 months old (up to 5 years) are displayed, the rating will always be based on reviews from the last 12 months.
If you haven't collected reviews during these 12 months, the "under evaluation" mention will be displayed.


Order: Reviews are displayed in chronological order (most recent first), based on the publication date. The two dates displayed are the publication date and the order/experience date.

Consumers:  We display the first name in uppercase and only the first letter of the consumer's last name. If the consumer has chosen to remain anonymous or if the reviews are more than 18 months old, we display a nickname as you can see. 

By clicking on the small black flag, you can report or request to modify the review or report the exchange:


Filters (textual search / rating selection) are based on reviews displayed over 5 years:

The number of reviews for each rating is calculated over the displayed 5 evaluation years.

This is the overall volume, it will not change with applied search/filter.

Your Information In this section, all information about your company will be displayed. It is important to add a complete description, as well as a category.


You certainly have the option to modify the information visible on your certificate.

About Verified Reviews

Information about the company Skeepers Verified Reviews, regarding AFNOR certification, and our terms and conditions will be presented in this part of the certificate.

It is in this same section that a consumer who has had an experience with your brand can voluntarily leave a review, as long as they demonstrate with proof that they have purchased a product or service.

You also have the option to report a review.


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