🔔 Shopify : New integration with Verified Reviews documentation

You can automate the transmission of proofs of purchase and services, as well as the publication of your reviews with the Shopify CMS.

Here are the steps to follow to install and configure the module: (click on each title to go to the information directly) 



How it works

Shopify is a SaaS solution that incorporates an API system that allows us to communicate with it from the Skeepers Verified Reviews engine. Once the connector is activated and configured, all processes are automatic, we communicate directly with your e-commerce solution.

  • Automatic retrieval of orders and reviews requests: Shopify sends us  
    your latest orders directly. We will only retrieve orders for which we need to send a review request, either brand, product or both, based on the configuration  
    you entered in the settings described later in this document.
  • Displaying product reviews on your site: You have the possibility of displaying the reviews about your products directly on your product sheets .
  • Displaying Verified Reviews rating widget: You can display a floating widget on your site. This widget allows you to display to your clients your Verifies Reviews  average rating and thus reassures the potential customer about the quality of your services.


Installation and configuration of the connector

Connector integration: New website and new user

If this is the first time you are connecting Shopify to our solution and this is the first time you are collecting reviews, you need to follow these steps to install the application:

  • In the Shopify App Store, look for our app: Skeepers Ratings & Reviews.
  • Click on Add Application
  • A new tab will open, click on Install application. You can also read our data privacy
  • A new page will open to allow you to create your site's account and to create your login
  • Fill in your website and information
  • Accept permissions
  • Click on Register
  • Fill in your billing information


An email will be sent to you so that you can create a password and log in to the Verified Reviews platform. 




Connector integration: New website and existing user

If you have already created your personal login but have not added your website information or if you wish to add a new website that uses Shopify, you need to follow these steps to install the application:

  • In the Shopify App Store, look for our app: Skeepers Ratings & Reviews.
  • Click on Add Application
  • A new tab will open, click on Install application. You can also read our data privacy
  • A new page will open to allow you to create your website account
  • Fill in the information about your website
  • Click on Register
  • Fill in your billing information




Configuration of the connector on Verified Reviews platform

Setting up the reviews requests

Once you have installed the application and created access, you can connect to the Verified Reviews platform

The banner on the homepage will show you at what stage of the review collection and publication process you are. Once you have completed all the steps, the banner will disappear.


We have pre-configured the following settings associated with the reviews request, however you must verify it.


Preconfigured Request Settings

  • We will only receive orders once they have reached fullfilled status.
  • The collection of brand and product reviews will be activated.
  • Review request delay (product and brand) : immediate
  • relance time: 3 days
  • Product reviews widget display enabled by default. However, it requires action on your part to integrate it with your Shopify theme.


Please note! You can change the configuration at any time:




Advanced Request Settings

In the configuration page, you have access to advanced settings to manage :




Verified Reviews Widget Integration 

Once you have confirmed the request configuration, you can either :

  • Click on Continue to configure the connector button,
  • or go to the left-hand menu of the platform and click on "Display reviews - Integrate my widgets".



Setting up the product review widget



In our Back Office, you will be able to see the widget for default and edit it, but its integration is done from the Shopify Back Office.

If your website's Shopify theme is an Online Store 2.0 theme (compatible with App Blocks, by default, we will publish a product widget in it to display the reviews. To complete the integration, simply follow these steps:

  • On your Shopify back office, click on your theme and then on Customize
  • You must select the product template - Product page

  • In the Template tab, click on "add a block". You will find, in the "Apps" area, our Skeepers Rating Stars
  • Drag and drop it into the area of your product page where you want to place it.

  • Then click on “add a section” You will find, in the “Apps” area, our Skeepers Rating List widget, the reviews will be displayed.

  • Click on Register


If you are not yet collecting reviews, we will show you an example so that you can visualize the design.




If your theme does not support Apps blocks, you will need to integrate the widget manually, i.e. add/copy the stars script and the list of reviews directly into your Shopify theme code. This article may help : How do you manually integrate the Product Widget into your Shopify template?


How to modify the product widget?

As mentioned, we have added a default widget to your theme, but you can change the design of this widget at any time.

Here is an article that explains how to do this: 🔔 New : Product Widget (Display your product reviews)



How to remove an app block ?

To remove the block of stars or reviews, you must click either on the menu on the left or on the item.

Then, you can click either on the bin icon or on the Remove block button:



Setting up the brand widget

As a reminder, the brand's widget shows the average score, out of 5, of reviews collected over the last 12 months. The widget will only be visible once you have collected 3 reviews.

To integrate it into your theme, you need to add the script manually, this article can help you: 🔔 NEW: How to set up my BRAND reviews widget



Google Shopping : Show your reviews and stars 

In order to submit your product reviews to Google Shopping, we need the GTIN_EAN (Europe) or GTIN_UPC (US, Canada).

You should also enter brand and MPN even if you have GTINs: the more information we can provide about your products to Google, the easier it will be for Google to associate reviews with products.

During automatic order retrieval, we will automatically retrieve Google Shopping information once it is correctly filled in on the product listings in the Shopify back office.

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