How do I submit a review using the Verified Reviews certificate?

Our AFNOR certification guarantees all buyers the right to give their opinion, even for purchases made in physical stores.

We provide customers who have purchased products in-store with the opportunity to submit their reviews directly via your certificate.

To do this, the consumer must go to your certificate and click on the Submit my review button. They will then need to fill out the form and provide us with proof of purchase (invoice, purchase receipt).

Our moderation team will then review your customer's request and, if the criteria are met, send them a review request. This method of submitting reviews is called ABUS.


1. The customer must go to your certificate

2. Then they must click on Submit a review 

3. They will need to fill out the displayed form:

4. They must provide us with the invoice or proof of purchase:

5. Using these elements, we will send a review request to your customer.

How can I view abuse review requests?

Following a review request from your customer via your certificate, our moderation team reviews their request and sends them a review request.

You have the option to view the review request sent to your customer. The modChargement for such orders is mod_abus_moderation


  1. Go to your customer area in the Reviews/Reporting menu - Review request
  2. Click on the "View order" icon (magnifying glass icon)
  3. You will find the modChargement "mod_abus_moderation"

Report abuse

Your customer has the option to contact us to report an issue related to their review sharing, directly from your certificate.

Steps to report abuse:

  1. The customer must go to your certificate
  2. They click on "Report abuse"
  3. They fill out the form indicating the reasons for the report


Our AFNOR certification prohibits us from disabling this feature.

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