Shopify - Migration to new version of the Verified Reviews Application


This article is only for customers who are already using the Skeepers Verified Reviews module and are submitting orders via the Shopify connector.

We would like to inform you that, in order to continue to transmit your proof of purchase to us to collect reviews (brand and product), it will be necessary to reinstall our App from the Shopify Apps Store

This is due to some new features in our app that require it to be updated to work properly. With the new version, you will be able to integrate the new brand and product widget.

How to install the new Shopify APP
Here are the steps to install and configure the module: (CLICK ON EACH TITLE TO FIND THE INFORMATION)

Setting up and configuration of the connector

Please note!

The Skeepers team will uninstall the old application. All you have to do is install the new version.

Integrating the connector

  • In the Shopify App Store, look for our app: Skeepers Ratings & Reviews.
  • Click on Add app
  • A new tab will open, click on Install App. You can also read about our data privacy
  • Once the new app is installed, you will be redirected to the authentication page.

Configuration of the connector on Verified Reviews
Configuration of the review collection

Good to know!

In the tab Collect Reviews - Configuration, you will find the settings and parameters that you already had in place in the old version of the app. However, you have the possibility to change them if necessary.

Collection settings

  • Delay before brand review request sending
  • Enable product review collection
  • Postpone product review request
  • Activate review request reminder

Advanced Collection Settings

In the configuration page, you have access to the advanced settings to manage :

  • Retroactive order retrieval: With retroactive order retrieval, you will be able to poll orders that we did not retrieve from our system at the time of migration.

For example, if you did not download our new App before it was deprecated by Shopify.

How do I activate the retrieval?

From the Collect Reviews – Configuration

  • Scroll down to Advanced collection settings.
  • Enable retroactive recovery
  • Set the time limit for order retrieval. For example, if you were unable to poll your customers for 30 days during the migration process, set this time limit for us to retrieve these orders and send a notification request.


You can retrieve the latest orders for the last 12 months, up to a maximum of 4,800 orders.

  • Choose the status(es) you want to retrieve
    • Orders created
    • Orders fulfilled
    • Paid orders

  • Marketing pressure: Define how often a new request for a review should be sent to a customer to avoid over-solicitation, especially for regular customers.

Integration of Verified Reviews widget
The display of product reviews will be enabled by default. However, it requires an action on your part to integrate it with your Shopify theme.

Important !

Before integrating the new widget, don't forget to delete the old widget versions to avoid having two widgets. To do this, you need to delete the script of the old widget embedded in your site code.
Don't forget to remove the script for the stars and comments!

Here are the steps to configure your widgets:

Once you have confirmed the collection configuration, you can go to the left menu and click on "Display reviews - integrate My widgets".

Product widget integration

In our back office, you will be able to see the Default widget and edit it, but its integration is done from the Shopify back office.

If your site's Shopify theme is Online Store 2.0 (compatible with App Blocks), by default we will publish a product widget in it (the theme) to display the reviews. To complete the integration, simply follow these steps:

  • On your Shopify back office, click on your theme and then Customize
  • You need to select the product template - Product Page
  • blobid4.pngIn the Template tab, click on "add a block". In the "Apps" area you will find our Skeepers Rating Stars widget
  • Drag and drop it into the area of your product page where you want to place it.


  • Click on "add a section". You will find our Skeepers Rating List widget in the "Apps" area, the reviews will be displayed.

Please note !

If you are not collecting reviews yet, we will show you an example so that you can visualize the design.



Important !

If your theme does not support Apps blocks, you will need to integrate the widget manually, i.e. add/copy the stars script and the reviews list directly into your Shopify theme code. This article may help you: 🔔 New: Product Widget (Display your product reviews)


How do I edit the product widget?

As mentioned, we've added a default widget to your theme, but you have the ability to change the design of this widget at any time.

Here's an article that explains how to do it: 🔔 New: Product Widget (Show your product reviews)

How to remove blocks (stars and comments) in your theme?

To remove block stars from the product sheet or reviews section, you need to click either on the left menu or on the item.

Then you can either click on the bin icon or on the Remove block button


Integration of the brand widget

As a reminder, the brand widget shows the average rating, out of 5, of the reviews collected over the last 12 months. The widget will only be visible once you have collected 3 reviews.

To integrate it into your theme, you need to add the script manually, this article can help you: 🔔 New: How to set up my BRAND review widget

Google Shopping : Display your reviews and stars
In order to submit your product reviews to Google Shopping, we need the GTIN_EAN (Europe) or GTIN_UPC (US, Canada).

You should also enter brand and MPN even if you have GTINs: the more information we can provide about your products to Google, the easier it will be for Google to associate the reviews with the products.

During automatic order retrieval, we will automatically retrieve Google Shopping information once it is correctly filled in on the product listings in the Shopify back office.


Contact our teams
You can contact us at any time during the migration and new installation and configuration of your Shopify module. Feel free to use our support widget available at the bottom right of the Back Office interface or by sending a request in the Help Center.

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