🔧 WooCommerce : How to check my orders retrieval ?


The WooCommerce module enables you to automate the retrieval of orders from your Rating & Reviews account.

If you notice a lack of orders on your account, you can carry out initial checks on your own to re-establish order retrieval.


Use the WooCommerce module for automatic order retrieval.


Step 1: Check the connection between your module and your Rating & Reviews account

1/ Log in to your Rating & Reviews account.

2/ Access the "Collect reviews" tab.

3/ Click on "Configure my Module"

4/ Click on the "Test connection" button.

If the connection to the module is working normally, the following messages will appear:

  • Contact established.
  • Valid credentials.
  • Module enabled.
If so, you can proceed to verification step number 2.
If the message "No contact with the module" is displayed, it is recommended to refer to the section "Module configuration on WooCommerce" in the article entitled Woocommerce - Connector documentation
If, despite the checks carried out, the connection still cannot be established, it is recommended that you contact our support team, providing the URL of your production website.

Step 2: Check module configuration

1/ Enable automatic order retrieval

From the Collect Reviews/Configure My Module menu, check "yes" in the Activate automation section.

Next, configure the "When to retrieve orders" parameter. You can choose between two options:

  • "On order": this means that all orders will be retrieved, including those that have been cancelled, closed, in process...
  • "On order status change": this option allows you to select one or more specific order statuses from which orders will be retrieved. If you choose this option, you must select the status from the status list. We advise you to choose a final status, such as "delivered".

2/ Set the deadline for sending reviews requests

In the "Collection of reviews" section, you have the option of defining a deadline for sending reviews requests, which takes effect as soon as the order is collected. You can choose a specific deadline for:

  • The brand review request : you can select the number of days before the notification request is sent.
  • The product review request: you can defer sending the product review request. If you specify a delay of X days, this means that the product review request will be sent X days after the brand review request. This option is useful if your customer needs time to test the product.

If your module is well configured, you can proceed to checkout step 3.

  • If you've recently enabled automatic order retrieval automation, your orders will only be retrieved when a new order is created with the configured status.
  • All orders up to 5 months old before today will also be retrieved.
  • If you do not wish to retrieve these orders, please contact our technical support team, specifying a start and end date.

Step 3: Check automatic order recovery.

1/ Log in to your Rating & Reviews back-office.

2/ Access the "Collect review" tab.

3/ Click on "Reporting - Request feedback"

4/ Compare the last order retrieved from your Rating & Reviews back office and your WooCommerce back office.

5/ Check for hooks recovery orders

A hook is a mechanism used in WordPress and WooCommerce to intercept and modify system data and functionality. Hooks allow developers to customize the behavior of WordPress and its extensions (plugins) without needing to directly modify their source code.

In order for our connector to be 100% functional, the following hooks must be present on your theme:

  • add_action('woocommerce_thankyou'): this hook is triggered when an order is confirmed. This allows us to mark the passage of a new order, to retrieve it in a second time according to the configuration made beforehand and trigger the sending of notification requests.
  • add_action('woocommerce_checkout_order_processed'): this hook is used like the woocommerce_thankyou action to mark orders. It is present in case the woocommerce_thankyou action has not been executed to avoid missing orders.

If you have performed all the necessary checks and your orders are still not retrieved automatically, please contact our technical support.

We will need restricted access to your back office and FTP/FTP server so that we can examine our Netreviews module files.

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