🔔 Verified Reviews Brand Carousel Widget: How to set it up and integrate it.

You now have the possibility to configure and integrate the new carousel widget into your website.
The new widget has a more modern design and can be configured to better fit the look and feel of your website:


What is a Carousel Widget?

The carousel widget displays the rating and number of BRAND reviews, but also comments with a rating of 4 or 5 (up to four reviews per page) 

How to configure the widget?

In the Back Office, click on Display Reviews – Integrate my widgets

  • Click on Add a widget and choose Carousel Brand Reviews
  • Name your widget
  • Define the display shape: vertical or horizontal
  • Also, when displaying your widget, you can change the color of the stars and decide how many reviews will be displayed on the page.


The Brand Carousel widget is 100% responsive. If you want to display four reviews per page, but there is not enough space, we will override the rule to improve the display of the widget, especially in small resolutions.

  • Before saving the widget, you can decide whether to display the overall rating and number of reviews.


How to integrate the Carousel widget?

Once the widget is registered, you will be able to retrieve the script to add manually to your website.

  • Click on the integrate button
  • Embed the script in the source code of your website pages where you want it to appear.



For more information about widgets, please see:

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