How to activate the notifications ?


You have the possibility to enable notifications, in order to keep you informed of your Rating & Reviews account activity.

There are several types of notifications:

Notifications related to reviews: to be informed of the reception of a new positive or negative review, of the publication of a review in moderation, of a new response from a customer...

Accounting notifications: be informed of new invoices and/or payment statements

Alert notifications: be informed when no order or reviews has been retrieved for X days. These alert notifications are important because they allow you to identify a possible technical anomaly on your account.


Step 1 : Go to the Account Management/My account menu

Step 2 : At the bottom of the page, click on "Modify contact configuration"

Step 3 : Select the email address for which you want to set up the notifications

If the email address for which you want to set up notifications does not appear, click on the Add a contact to notify button.

Step 4 : Activate the notifications of your choice

Using the small slider, enable or disable the notifications of your choice, then click the Update button.

Best practices

We advise you to activate the No order received notification. This will notify you if we do not receive any orders anymore. This can help you identify a possible technical problem.

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