How do I migrate from Shopymail to the New Shopify App?


This article is only for customers who already use the Skeepers Verified Reviews module and transmit orders via ShopyMail


We would like to inform you that, to continue sending us your proofs of purchase in order to collect reviews (brand and product): you can install our new Shopify app from the Shopify Apps Store


You need to perform two steps:

  1. Stop automating the sending of orders via Shopymail.
  2. Install and configure the Shopify application


How to uninstall ShopyMail?

  1. Log in to your Shopify account
  2. From the menu, go to Settings ---> Notifications



3. Scroll to << Staff order notifications>> and into the part where the <<Recipients>>



4. Select <<📌>> and click << Disable >>


5. Next, you need to remove the Avis Vérifies script you added in the notification template. Go to << Templates>>


Once you've disabled this automation, it's time to install the new Shopify app.
We recommend following this order to avoid retrieving orders twice and soliciting your customers twice.

Don't worry, if installing the new Shopify app takes a little while, you'll be able to activate retroactive retrieval of your orders.


How to install the new Shopify APP

In this article, you'll discover step-by-step how to install the new app and how to configure review collection: 🔔 Shopify : New integration with Verified Reviews documentation


How to enable retroactive retrieval

Thanks to retroactive order retrieval, you'll be able to poll for orders that we didn't retrieve in our system at the time of the switch between ShopyMail and Shopify.


How do I activate recovery?

From the Review Collection - Configuration

    1. Scroll down to the Advanced Collection Settings section
    2. Enable retroactive retrieval
    3. Set the order retrieval delay. For example, if you were unable to query your customers for 30 days during the migration process, set this timeframe for us to retrieve these orders and send a request for notification.


You can retrieve your latest orders from the last 12 months, up to a maximum of 4,800 orders.

  1. Choose the desired status(es) for retrieval
    • Orders Created
    • Orders Honored
    • Orders Paid



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