What is the Moderation stage?

Once your customers have submitted their reviews, you can view them in the Review Management tab, where you can moderate them.


What is moderation?

Moderation is a step in the process of collecting and publishing your reviews, required by AFNOR Certifications (ISO 20488) - Reviews compliance rules.

These rules allow for a fair and productive discussion between you and the consumer before the review is published, especially if there is a need to clarify a problem or right a wrong.

👉 This phase also allows you to check that the review does not contain any content prohibiting its publication (personal data, insults, defamation, random characters, etc.). Illegal and inappropriate content that may be subject to deletion will be judged according to the criteria imposed by AFNOR certification.



What you need to know about moderation

  • While reviews are in moderation, subsequent reviews are not published, in order to respect the chronological order in which reviews were written.
  • Consumers are informed if their review is rejected, and are given the opportunity to submit a new review.
  • You and Verified Reviews do not have the option of modifying reviews. Reviews are published in their entirety.
  • Moderation gives you the opportunity to respond and deal with a problem with your customer before the review is published.
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